David McArthur

David McArthur currently works as a Commercial Photographer in Melbourne Australia and has more than 30 years experience in this industry. He has a passion for making dynamic, graphically strong images photographic images. His expansive range of clients and their commitment to him over many years is testament to the quality of his work and personable nature. He photographs everything from architecture, people in industry, industrial photography, artwork photography and general commercial and advertising photography.  His clients include Amcor, Orora, Exxon Mobil, Tabcorp Australia, Norman Disney and Young, Global Publishing, Charter Keck Cramer, DormaKaba, Conway Design, Westpac Bank, Green Distillation Technologies, Melrose Aged Care, Agilent, Austin Hospital, Biological Therapies and Invetech. David’s works for Parallax Photography can be seen on his website www.parallax.net.au

David holds a Diploma of Education in Art and Media and taught for a number of years in the Secondary School system in Melbourne before starting Parallax Photography.

Travel photography throughout the Himalayas has been longstanding passion of David’s. His personal work can be seen on his website at http://www.parallax.net.au/gallery/personal/.







Arun Chitrakar

Arun comes from a long line of artists in his family. “Chitrakar” was a title given to artists in Nepal in ancient times and presently, the title stuck to them as last names. In his immediate family, his grandfather was a mask artist who was visited by Queen Elizabeth II, on her visit to Nepal in 1961.

Arun has long held a passion for photography and he began his journey in his youth capturing people daily life, culture, and events. 

Arun loves to share his knowledge and passion for Nepal and its people. He is actively involved providing support for community groups assisting those devastated by the Earthquakes in 2015.  The photographs he captured of the devastation after the earthquakes in Nepal of 2015 and the moments where people found resilience, even after such devastation, touched the hearts of many Australians when the photographs were shown in an exhibition at the Block Arcade in Melbourne in 2016.

With over 30 years of living in Nepal, Arun brings with him an insight into the lives of the Nepalese people, the history of the country, anecdotes on the places we visit. Besides being knowledgeable about Nepal’s culture, history, places and people, Arun also knows the best places for Nepalese cuisine!