Most people must wonder, “Why Nepal?”, “What is special about this country?”, “Why should we choose to spend our vacation in Nepal when we can travel to Europe or Africa?”

The answer is simple. It’s cheap! It’s scenic. And as Nepalese people claim, once is never really enough! The country is packed with scenic beauty, exciting and adventurous activities, cultural and spiritual activities, that we can never really capture it all in one visit.

What’s the best time to visit Nepal? we might wonder. Well there never really is a wrong time! All around the year, Nepal could give you interesting activities to get into, like bungee jumping, paragliding, white water rafting, trekking, hiking, you name it! If adventure lives in your heart, Nepal is packed with activities to make your adventurous heart sing!

However, autumn is a season that brings out the festive side of the people in Nepal. Autumn being harvest time, and Nepal being an agriculture based country, this is the time for joy and for gratitude towards Mother Earth for her generosity. Thus, a number of festivals fall in this time in Nepal as well as two of the greatest festivals of the country, Dashain, the festival to celebrate victory of good over evil. People enjoy a long holiday and travel to their home towns or villages to celebrate the festival, to be with their family members and to seek blessings from their elders. Dashain is closely followed by Tihar, the festival of lights. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm. 

This is also the best time to view the country on foot. With the skies clear and the weather in the pleasant 20’s, trekking, hiking and bus tours are activities that are sought after. 

Autumn (September-November) is the best time to travel to Nepal. With the pleasant weather, the festivals and the feeling of renewal that you could find in the country, the joy of the people will infuse into you as well. 

What do you need to join our tours? An enthusiasm for photography, a camera you are comfortable working with, and a little bit of an adventurous heart! Be advised, our tours are not rigorously physical, but we will visit some places that are best viewed on foot. 

For more travel advice to Nepal, we will have a special session to guide you. Or if you require information right away, we will be happy to answer your queries. Just write to us at



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David McArthur, of Parallax Photography and Arun Chitrakar, an independent photographer from Nepal, formed a partnership to offer small boutique photography and cultural tours of Nepal with a difference. These tours are capped at 12 people so the small group really gets to know each other very well and combines to share the experiences.

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