Nepal is a nation speeding to keep up with the 21st century while trying to keep its deep rooted traditions alive. With such a combination, it is a wonderful mix of traditional values, intermixed with modern technology. Dashain is celebrated with much pomp throughout the kingdom. Celebrated for 10 days, each day of the festival signifies a joyous celebration of victory of good over evil.

Dashain is the equivalent to Christmas to the Nepalese people. It is the festival when people who have travelled far and wide to study or to work return to their homes to receive blessings from their elders, may it be a different city or a different country altogether. Homes that were quiet for the whole year become the hubs for celebration, not only of tradition, but for this union of once a year, or once in a few years for some. The last day of the is called Bijaya Dashami when elders of the household put tika of vermilion and grains of rice on the foreheads of the younger ones, give them blessings along with money. 

The past few years have seen a new trend in the Nepalese community. For those young ones who have not managed to go home for Dashain, the loved ones hardly need to go without the blessings of their elders. And with technology at their sides, they make good use of it. People talk to loved ones far and wide through means of various online communications, put tikas and gain blessings. 

Dashain is a favorite experience for tourists to.  Local youth groups hold Dashain Tika Ceremonies at popular tourist places like Basantapur for foreign and national tourists with great feasts held in the traditional Nepalese manner.

Himalayan Photography Tours is holding this tour to incorporate and enjoy this festival as well as the Tihar, the festival of lights. Tour starts on October 8th. Reserve your place today! Join us for the experience of a lifetime!

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David McArthur, of Parallax Photography and Arun Chitrakar, an independent photographer from Nepal, formed a partnership to offer small boutique photography and cultural tours of Nepal with a difference. These tours are capped at 12 people so the small group really gets to know each other very well and combines to share the experiences.

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